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Honeymoon Pricing

There is a misconception that foreign exchange pricing is opaque and unclear. However, it is in fact very simple to benchmark your pricing nowadays simply by searching online for the interbank rate. The issue is not transparency it is one of consistency. A typical...

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Beware the Black Swan

A black swan event is a metaphor that describes an event which: Comes as a complete surprise Has a major effect Is rationalised afterwards with the benefit of hindsight The 2008 Financial Crash is a good example of a black swan event. At the time the global economy...

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Your 6 Step Currency Hedging Guide

What Is Hedging? Volatility in the foreign exchange market can disrupt your cash flow, complicate your financial forecasting and erode your profits. Yet approximately 55% of SMEs in the UK do not hedge their exchange rate exposure at all. 'Black Swan' events such as...

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Introducing EFX Connect

Eiger FX have today launched the beta version of their online international payments solution – EFX Connect. EFX Connect will allow Eiger FX’s clients to buy and sell currency online with just three clicks of a mouse. Users will also benefit from a Beneficiary Hub and...

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